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Dog Grooming

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Rainbow Pet Salon operates under an appointment-only booking policy. We are accepting new clients but please be aware that all online bookings are a request pending confirmation and subject to change.

The bread and butter service of any grooming salon – our most popular package is a full service dog groom, the price of which varies on the size and breed of dog. We do offer bathing only services if you have a short hair dog or like to style yourself.

Bath & Blowdry

Your pooch is soaped up and scrubbed down from head to tail with care taken to make sure soap and water stay out of its eyes. We use products that are hypoallergenic and dog-safe. If you prefer, we also offer 4-Legger organic products, but we find our house soap offers better grease and grime fighting power.

Nail Filing & Sanitary Trim

We tidy up the areas that get the most “wear” on a coat day to day – cleaning up genital and face areas, cutting & filing nails down, as well as trimming fur around the paw area.

Groom & Style

We offer modern and classic grooming technique to your preference as well as best show practices for your dog’s breed and coat.

We offer some premium additional services like pet-safe coat dyes and show cuts as well!

Premium Services

Want to add some cool colors to your dog’s coat? We can do it! We use a pet-safe and eco-friendly vegetable dye based inks to imbue a permanent coat coloration – the dye is vibrant and holds its color for weeks!