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The Rainbow Team

Are you an experienced groomer interested in a spot? Reach out!

  • Audrey


    Resident Salon Cat and mascot of Rainbow. Audrey likes to be the center of attention and can often be seen sitting at the reception desk or even sitting on the table watching others get groomed!

  • Catherine Brak

    Catherine is Rebecca’s latest apprentice. While she grows her skills to become a full-time groomer, she works in the salon to facilitate bathing and nail trims. We expect her to be able to see clients […]

  • Clare Wilson

    Clare has been grooming since 2017. She started her grooming career at Petsmart and has been perfecting her craft ever since. She is skilled in special needs dogs under 50lbs. If your dog needs extra […]

  • Kelcie Mcpeek

    Kelcie started her grooming career in 2020. She is a Nash Academy graduate. Her favorite breed to groom are all doodle types – she even owns one herself!

  • Madison Stakelin

    Starting in 2020, Madison is Rebecca’s first apprentice and a graduate of Paragon School of Pet Grooming. Madison is a talented and skilled groomer, and serves as the salon manager for Rainbow. She helps handle […]

  • Rebecca Sandfort

    Rebecca is a groomer with over a decade of experience. She spent time working at three area salons while building her skills. As her client client list and experience grew, she began to train others […]