713 Allendale Dr Lexington KY 40503 | 859-259-0088

Rebecca Sandfort

Rebecca is a groomer with over a decade of experience. She spent time working at three area salons while building her skills. As her client client list and experience grew, she began to train others that worked alongside her. Growing frustrated with a lack of control in larger franchised grooming facilities and possessing all the tools, talent, and clients needed – it was time to start a new shop to give pet owners in Lexington a new, better grooming option. After searching for suitable locations in Lexington, an opportunity to purchase and overhaul an existing grooming salon appeared. In April 2022 she acquired Earth Dog Spa and transformed it into Rainbow Pet Salon.

In addition to her skill with dogs, Rebecca is an experienced cat groomer, and provides her talent in this greatly under-served market. Once completing her coursework, she will become the only Master Feline Groomer certified by the NCGI in the region!

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