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Good Grooms. Good People.

Rainbow Pet Salon is an ethical and professional grooming salon. We only use the best techniques and products to ensure great results and happy clients.

Why Does Grooming Matter?

Grooming has some pretty awesome benefits for both owners and pets! It helps keep coats clean and mat-free, allowing skin to breathe and keep body temperatures normal. In addition, regular grooming will cut down on odor, dander, and shedding in your house, improving air quality and reducing dust.

How Often Should I Schedule?

It depends on the breed, coat, and cut your pet has. It is more cost effective and beneficial to stick to a regular grooming interval to prevent matting, skin infection, and reduce shedding. Usually this means a scheduled appointment between every 4-6 weeks.

How Can I Get Started?

Rainbow’s services are always in high demand as we host some of the most dedicated and talented groomers in the region, with 2 locations in Lexington and a team of 7 groomers. You are welcome to book online or call/text a salon to set up an appointment. If we miss your call, please leave a message.