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Salon Policies


Grooming is a unique industry in that it requires the supreme coordination between the groomer, the pet to be groomed, and owner (that’s you!) in order to deliver quality results. This page lays out the policies of Rainbow Pet Salon so you are aware of what we do and why we do it, should a concern arise.


We have listed prices for most of the services we offer at the salon. What is important to note is that our pricing starts at those ranges. The total cost of a groom will vary based on services rendered, supplies used, extra labor necessary, as well as the addition of taxes we are required to collect and remit to the government as a registered business. You are always entitled to a itemized copy of your receipt if you have any questions about what services were rendered and how much they cost. Rainbow offers boutique level service and our pricing allows us to employ and retain some of the most skilled groomers in the region. We do not compromise on quality and you can always count on a Rainbow groom to shine!

Refusal of Service

Our groomers reserve the right to refuse any grooming services for any reason at any time if they feel there is a safety concern. We will not groom pets that are aggressive at check-in. If your pet has a history of kennel fear or aggression, please ask for a cageless service when booking.

Seeking advice and solutions from a quality trainer and veterinarian (for sedation techniques) is also valuable and lowers the stress of pets, while also keeping groomers safe! Rainbow recommends Manners Matter for training and Woodstock Animal Clinic for veterinary services.

It is unfortunate this has to be added to policy, but past incidents have led to taking more proactive steps to protect our staff and other clients. If our staff is made to feel uncomfortable or threatened by aggressive actions or abusive language, we reserve the right to refuse services and ask you to leave the premises. We utilize 24/7 security monitoring solutions and will pursue legal action if warranted.

Cancellations, Reschedule, No-Shows

Our grooming schedule is full and counts on everyone making their predetermined appointment times. To encourage adherence to bookings, a $20 deposit is required when booking services. This will be applied to the cost of services, but will be forfeited in the case of a less than 12 hour notice cancellation or no show.

Because of our fully booked schedule, we cannot accept any arrivals later than 10 minutes for scheduled grooming appointments.

Cancellations made 12 hours or less before appointment time will be charged 50% of the service price. No shows will be charged 100% of the service price. Frequent no notice cancellations will require prepayment of service when booking.

Boarding Fees & Late Pickup

Please let your groomer know if you have a difficult schedule and they can work to find a solution that works for everyone. We are generally closed by 7 on weekdays and ask that all pets be picked up promptly during normal business hours so that we can get home too!

You should receive a notification from your groomer about 30 minutes before your pet is ready to be picked up. Additional charges can be applied if you are severely late for a pickup. Please be prompt and contact your groomer if you anticipate difficulty making a pickup time.

Wait Times

For proper full-service grooms with a full schedule of groomers and clients, a typical wait time is about 3-4 hours from the start of the groom. This of course depends on the coat type, condition, treatments, and temperament of the pet being groomed, additional dogs ahead on the schedule, unexpected delays, and even the grooming technique of your dog’s groomer. More intensive work and larger dogs generally can take more time – your groomer can discuss time estimates when you drop your pet off.

Please allow adequate time for grooms. If you return before your dog is finished, it can be a distraction for the pet and can cause us to end a groom prematurely because a groom cannot be finished. Please wait for confirmation/notification from the salon before returning.

If you need a groom to be completed as quickly as possible, please ask for an express service when booking – subject to availability.

Doodle Policy

Doodle breeds require extended service times – certain coat types can require extensive prep work, longer drying times, and more hand scissor work. For this reason, Doodle appointments will usually run longer. You will get a notification when your dog is ready for pickup – please do not return to salon before notice, as your presence to a pet being groomed can become a distraction and cause grooming to be unsafe for completion.

Difficult Groom Policy

If an animal is exhibiting extreme signs of distress or aggression towards groomers, it is in the best interest of safety for both the animal and groomer to discontinue the appointment & notify owner. We can discuss options for your pet and their concerns – It can be very helpful if your pet suffers from anxiety or stress in grooming/kennel situations to speak with your veterinary professional in order to develop a treatment plan. Mild sedatives and anxiety relief treatments can be very effective when prescribed and administered by veterinary instruction to affected pets, allowing for them to be groomed peacefully and stress-free. Muzzle and handling/grooming training is also a valuable tool in improving outcomes for stressed pets at the grooming salon.


It is imperative that your pet be up to date on relevant vaccinations, or else we cannot legally or safely render services. We are proud to partner with Woodstock Animal Foundation, a low-cost non-profit veterinary clinic that is located just down the road on Lane Allen if you need to catch your pets up on their shots. PetVet365 is also an excellent local option.

There is a risk of spread of communicable diseases in a grooming setting, where dogs from different places are in close quarters. Up to date Rabies vaccinations also protect our staff when bites occur.

Required Vaccinations: (must provide up-to-date proof of vaccination for us to keep on record)

Optional but recommended vaccinations:
Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
H3N2 Canine Flu

Matted Dog Policy

Our policy on grooming is simple – HUMANITY OVER VANITY. A dog whose coat has become matted is a serious issue that interferes with a normal groom. Matting left untreated for an extended time causes discomfort for you dog and expensive vet bills. If our groomers encounter matting in any significant quantity, we will call and recommended proceeding with a full shave down of the coat. Manual de-matting is stressful for the dog and is very labor intensive for a groomer, so we do not do so unless the matting is in a manageable quantity or small area.

A severely matted coat will often put pressure on and pull a pet’s skin tightly, resulting in bruising that can be revealed once mats are removed. When a matted coat is removed, it can expose conditions that occur either directly or indirectly as a result of matting: hot spots, sores, and severe itching can be caused by excessive licking, scratching, or chewing at matted areas. Other conditions that can occur as a result of long term matting – bacterial & yeast infections, parasitic infestations, urine & feces burns, rashes, eye and ear infections.

It is not unusual for the skin to become more irritated in the process of or as a result of a matted clip down. If conditions are observed in our care, your groomer will inform you. The skin under a matted area can be tender due to lack of air circulation and debris accumulation, and this may cause scratching behavior in a pet. You should observe your pet after matting removal to ensure that this behavior does not lead to broken skin and invite risk of infection. If you are in doubt, please consult your veterinarian for additional skin treatment advice.

Matting is common, and you should not feel embarrassed about bringing in a matted pet for grooming care! If you see that your pet’s coat is starting to mat, do not delay, schedule an appointment and we can help you develop strategies to correct the mats and develop a plan for reducing future matting!

Find out more about matting

Medical Emergency

Should a medical emergency occur while your pet is in our care, we will take steps to seek emergency veterinary assistance. If your pet has pre-existing medical conditions, we may ask to consult with your vet before rendering services. If your pet is too difficult or is simply too fragile to be groomed in a non-veterinary capacity, we will recommend that you seek services at a veterinary grooming facility out of an abundance of caution.

We take careful steps to assess clients before, during, and after grooms to ensure that there are no issues or complications. Our groomers are professionals and will communicate any issues with owners should they arise. If there is a concern over the safety of a groom, we reserve the right to refuse service until an animal is cleared for grooming by a veterinarian. We reserve the right to decline any services out of an abundance of caution.


Because of the nature of our work, refunds are not typically an option once service is rendered. We make sure to communicate with you regarding your pet’s condition and any changes that have to be made in the process of a grooming appointment. If there are severe issues (uncooperative dog, incomplete paperwork, medical concern) we will not proceed with a groom and will ask for you to retrieve your pet. This is how we make our living and time is the most valuable asset in our industry.

Prepaid deposits that are made for late/no show appointments will not be refunded.

One of the most common complaints that occurs from owners is when groomers encounter a matted dog. Often, the only economical and humane solution for a severe matting is a close shave of the dog, and that means there is essentially no chance of styling or saving the existing coat. You will be informed of this if your dog’s coat is not in a condition that can be safely groomed. This process still requires time from the groomer to complete and you will be charged for grooming service.

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