713 Allendale Dr Lexington KY 40503 | 859-259-0088

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Rainbow Pet Salon’s hours are based on our groomer’s schedules. We generally open at 9AM on weekdays, and last appointments are picked up around 5-7PM. Weekend hours vary, with Sundays reserved for cat grooming appointments only. You are welcome to stop by and inquire about services, but we do not accept walk-ins. Our groomers are off work for all major holidays. Your question may already have an answer – our salon policies.

The best way to inquire about Rainbow’s services is email, or call at 859-259-0088. We are often very busy with grooms and can’t answer the phone as it rings, so please leave a message if we do not answer and we will get back to you promptly.


    713 Allendale Dr, Lexington KY 40503