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Starting 2023 off Shiny!

Over the extended holiday break, we were able to rest and reset a bit, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get anything done – being closed for that much time allowed us to do some extensive work to the salon that improves day to day operation for grooming. With these improvements complete, Rainbow is ready to shine bright in 2023!

New Bathtubs – the original tubs were starting to show their age with some leaking around welded seams, and they were too high for our larger dogs to easy climb in and out of. Our new tubs are adjustable height and are much easier to use.

New grooming tables – we were able to replace some older tables that were no longer functioning as well and suffered from some wear and tear over years of use. We now have replaced all the grooming tables and replaced hardware like the grooming arm attachments to better accommodate large dogs. In addition, several of our tables can lower completely to the floor making it easier for loading and unloading of the tables.

New floor – perhaps our greatest achievement over the break! We had to move everything out and deep clean so that the concrete floors (which see a LOT of abuse) could be sanded down and painted with a new layer of protective paint. No more patchy, rough concrete! Not only does it look nice, but it is also much easier to keep clean!

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