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Rainbow Pink – Dog Grooming Services & Pricing

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These prices and services are for the Rainbow Pink/Allendale Drive salon.
Services for Rainbow Blue/Leestown Road can be found here.

Grooming services vary in cost depending on the size of the dog, condition of hair, as well as services and products requested. This page will give you an idea of what services we provide and what price a groom starts at. Every groom is unique, and we are more than happy to offer estimates if you contact us!

Nail Trim


Basic nail trim, any species, any size – if you can bring it in, we can cut and file it down – Yes, that includes reptiles and other small mammals! This is a complementary item when you book a full-service groom.

Tidy Trim (added to Bath & Brush)


A quick trim of the face, paws, and rear to clean active areas up. If you would like to request a tidy trim service with a bath, please add it to notes when requesting an appointment.
Long hair non shedding breeds:
a trim around the eyes, paw pads, and sanitary area
Long hair double coat breeds: paw pads shaved, toe hair trimmed, lower legs trimmed to blend into foot, sanitary area trimmed

Full Service Groom


Pricing is dependent on size and breed, as well as coat condition (if matting is present, double coat breeds, etc). A full service groom consists of a nail trim, ear cleaning, hair cut to owner’s desire and groomer’s styling expertise, bath & blowdry. Anal gland expression and ear plucking can be requested if desired. Bow or Bandana included!

Bath & Brush


Sometimes a nice warm bath is all your pet needs! We only use hypoallergenic, safe and effective products. Bath & Brush service includes a double shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, blow dry, 15 minute brush out, nail clip & file, ear cleaning, and breath freshening spray.

We do not generally accept dogs that are visibly filthy or covered in debris – please rinse off the “bulk” before bringing it in or we may have to turn you away.

Longer Cuts/ Hand Scissoring


Anything over a 5/8″ guard cut will invoke an extra charge based on amount of extra grooming time required ($5-20), hand scissoring charge of $1/minute of actual time spent working to complete the groom.

Additional Trimming


If you would like more more trimming on your pet such as ears, tail, or beard. Any trimming on the body is considered a full groom and needs to be booked accordingly.

Color Dye & Design


Our famous option here at Rainbow – pet safe dyes in both permanent and temporary options! Add some colors to highlight natural patterns, or get something truly unique with a seasonal design or request. The options are endless! Think team colors, seasonal shades, and more – inspiration & examples!

Pricing Tables for Grooms

Small Dogs (Under 20lbs)Full GroomBath & TidyBath & Brush
Short Hair$65$50$40
Medium Hair$70 $55$45
Long Hair$70$60$50
Medium Dogs (20-50lbs)Full GroomBath & TidyBath & Brush
Short Hair$85$65$55
Medium Hair$90 $70$60
Long Hair$90$75$65
Large Dogs (50-80lbs)Full GroomBath & TidyBath & Brush
Short Hair$100$80$70
Medium Hair$120 $90$80
Long Hair$130$100$90
Extra Large Dogs (80+lbs)Full GroomBath & TidyBath & Brush
Short Hair$125$100$90
Medium Hair$145 $120$110
Long Hair$160$135$125